Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where do we get our style from? Is some of it inherited? I know that many of us take influences from magazines, TV., friends, movies stars, etc… But before we are bombarded with all these images is some of how we chose to adorn ourselves just innate?Raising teenage girls is no walk in the park I must say, but some day’s Iam in awe observing them and their precarious navigation through some of the toughest years in ones life. We as mothers often dress our kids very similarly to how we dress. I could never bring myself to put mine in all the smocked jumpers with their initials blazed across the frontI chose instead to “funk” it up a bit and went the Oilily route. Alwaysletting them add their special something to it. Often a tiara or a tutu was pulled on as we ran out the door. I could care less, it was their Own twist on the ensemble I had put together.I love their uncomplicated view of clothing. It was more carefree and uncontrived than us adults. They were never trying to impress or look pulled together. Sometimes a cape or pink cowboy boots were exactlywhat the day called for! And enough with the coats! Moms…heads up,
Coats are things kids wear when moms are cold!So, much to my surprised and delight, my high schooler ran down thestairs this morning with quite a fashion moment. She has borrowed snippets of her style from me, her grandmother, Gossip Girl and other
media influences. But, this one was even an eye-opener to me. She had Artfully found a discarded multi-striped tiered skirt, easily two sizes to Small (as a skirt) and turned it into this rockin’ strapless (obviously)top. She paired it with skinny jeans, a cropped J.crew jacket and ankleboots. Damn, girl! You look great, I thought to myself. Never uttering words, because she is a teenager and anything I say “might” be misinterpreted depending on the day. Anyhoo, I was pretty proud
And almost pissed that I would have never thought of that!I relished for a moment of her ability to pull together something uniquely stylish and utterly blog worthy.
I think that’s what we ultimately want when we get dressed. For some part of our clothing to say something about who we are and what we value. I saw a kid not caught up in designer duds and labels,but someone who with a little creativity and ingenuity got it right.I continue to be amazed, frustrated, exhausted and bewildered by these little people but always learning more from them than anyone else.
So, here’s to style! Doesn’t matter where you get, borrow it or steal
It, just add a bit of yourself and make it your own!

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