Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clothing Crisis!

I have nothing to wear! I hate my clothes! Where is that dress? These are a few of the many irritating things my poor husband has to hear me say whenever I feel rushed to get dressed or have a big event to attend. Well, I recently found an awesome website that is the hub for style advice and hot trends. An interactive forum to give and get fashion advice.

It is similar to other social websites where users can create a profile and add friends. This one is fun and helpful for anyone who gets stuck in a rut or wants to show off their own personal style.
Great for inspiration and it adds a digital twist on organizing your closet.
You can upload photos from your own closet or add items to your "wish" list to complete your fashion ensemble!Users can get expert advice from stylists and "friends". There is also a calendar that helps organize items by date and event. You can virtually put your outfit together in the "dressing room" and even pack ahead for your next trip using this visual format.
I love that you can also pull items from e-retailers who are on the site. They feature amazing items that are hot off the runway and you are one click away from having the perfect outfit!


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